GoCathLab increases cardiovascular case volume by up to 50% while improving patient safety.

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How GoCathLab Works

Technology's Role in Art of Medicine

Great Functionalities Built for Each Individual

Revolutionize your daily healthcare operations with advanced real-time applications. GoCathLab safely delivers up to a 50% increase in case volume without requiring additional investment in facilities or staff.

Quick & Effortless Intergration with All EHRs

We offer systematic, scalable, and technical solutions to uplift organizations without causing any slowdown or disruptions.

Eliminate Burnout & Moral Injury

GoCathLab equips front-line caregivers to solve problems , discover solutions, and tackle challenges together.

Data-Driven Decisions for Better Patient Safety

Make decisions based on real-time KPIs, bringing clarity to decision-making. GoCathLab benefits all parties involved.

Restore the Clinician & Patient Relationship

We empower clinicians to practice at the top of their licenses; GoCathLab's technology works in the background.

Who We Are

The Spark that Ignited GoCathLab

GoCathLab’s mission was ignited by Jun Nakamuro’s passion for the field of healthcare and his expertise in organizational digital transformation. Jun was born with a congenital heart defect. He would not be alive today without receiving a life-saving surgical intervention at 9 years old. While undergoing a cardiovascular procedure at his local hospital in 2022, he saw an opportunity to use his experience and expertise to help his community, other patients and the professionals working on the healthcare service line. He envisioned a solution that leveraged digital tools to visualize communication within and for the entire Cath Lab team, ultimately to improve patient experiences, outcomes across the board, and access for others in his community.

Fueled by this vision, Jun assembled a team of passionate individuals and built the first-of-its-kind real-time communication platform. GoCathLab was born.

Why Choose GoCathLab?

GoCathLab is a digital solution designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. We streamline communication within Cath Lab teams and beyond, boosting efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

Proven Method

GoCathLab isn’t just talk. We’ve helped numerous healthcare specialties achieve significant improvements, including:

  • 150% increase in case volume for Cardiovascular Service Lines
  • Local Surgery Centers achieving 75% on-time first case starts, up from 25%
  • Infusion Centers experiencing a 117% increase in throughput while reducing missed breaks by 75%
  • Joint Centers dropping length-of-stay by 50%

Our first focus is Cardiovascular Services.  GoCathLab offers a powerful, user-friendly platform that enables Cath Lab teams to collaborate seamlessly, ultimately enhancing patient care.

Our Executive Team

Nikole Tierney

Chief Clinical Officer

Jun Nakamuro


Collin McLoughlin


Rob Olson, MD


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