GoCathLab is an App for your EHR that brings situational awareness to healthcare.

How GoCathLab Works

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Technology's Role in the Art of Medicine

Safely increase lab utilization up to 150% while improving situational awareness.

GoCathLab augments your EHR datasets and generates real-time information in space and time.  It presents user-centric information aligned to how people process information and make decisions. 

Share Live Updates and Increase Patient Access

Real-Time Procedure Updates; Enhance Coordination

Plan Assignments; Optimize Available Resources

Predictive KPIs; Real-Time Metrics

Effortless Intergration with EHRs

We offer systematic, scalable, and technical solutions to uplift organizations without any slowdown or disruptions.

Eliminate Burnout & Moral Injury

GoCathLab equips front-line caregivers to solve problems , discover solutions, and tackle challenges together.

Data-Driven Decisions for Better Patient Safety

Make decisions based on real-time KPIs, bringing clarity to decision-making. GoCathLab benefits all parties involved.

Restore the Clinician & Patient Relationship

We empower clinicians to practice at the top of their licenses; GoCathLab's technology works in the background.

Who We Are

A Heart Healed, a Vision Ignited

The sterile white walls of the OR held a different kind of weight for nine-year-old Jun Nakamuro. Born with a congenital heart defect, this wasn’t a place of curiosity, but a battlefield where a skilled team fought for his very future. The whirring machinery, the hushed urgency, the culmination of it all – a successful surgery. Jun not only cheated death, but a spark ignited within him: a deep-seated appreciation for the world of healthcare.

Years blurred into a kaleidoscope of growth. He became a champion for digital transformation, streamlining processes and breathing efficiency into complex systems. Then, in 2022, fate brought him back, as a patient and as an expert observer. Witnessing the ballet of skilled professionals, an uneasiness settled over him. Disjointed data streams, a cacophony of communication channels, the ever-present data deluge – these were cracks in the armor, vulnerabilities that could even imperil the most seasoned team.

It was a poignant intersection, the nine-year-old boy merged with the digital transformation champion. He envisioned a solution – GoCathLab. It wouldn’t be just another app; it would be a bridge, a digital fabric weaving together the disparate data streams of the Cath Lab into living actionable information. A real-time picture, empowering teams with the complete situational awareness they so craved.


We are a team of determined and passionate people building the-first-of-its-kind situational App for healthcare.  We augment EHR datasets with additional user-centric information aligned to how caregivers cognitively process information to make better decisions.  GoCathLab unifies communication within Cath Lab teams and beyond, relieving caregivers’ cognitive load, boosting lab utilization, and safely improving patient outcomes.

Proven Method

GoCathLab’s innovation has unlocked dramatic improvements in several healthcare fields, not just cardiovascular care, including:

  • 150% increase in case volume for Cardiovascular Service Lines
  • Local Surgery Centers achieving 75% on-time first case starts, up from 25%
  • Infusion Centers experiencing a 117% increase in throughput while reducing missed breaks by 75%
  • Joint Centers dropping length-of-stay by 50%

Our first focus is Cardiovascular Services.


Nikole Tierney

Chief Clinical Officer

Jun Nakamuro


Collin McLoughlin


Rob Olson, MD


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